The Harbinger: A Review

Upon the recommendation of a few people I know and the request of my pastor, I recently read the book The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn. Given the specific endorsements for the book, I was surprised to find that the book was classified as fiction by the publisher. Upon reading it I discovered that the classification […]

People vs. The Gourd

Jonah: “You are a gracious and compassionate god; slow to anger and full of love. A god who will stand down from sending destruction.”The Lord: “So then why shouldn’t I spare them?” (paraphrase)The Book of Jonah concludes with this doctrinal statement about God’s character. When our framework is primarily “Us vs. Them” it can be […]

There’s a Little Bit of Jonah in All of Us

The book of Jonah tells us of a prophet who rejects a specific call from God to go preach. While it is interesting that a notable ancient Hebrew prophet would be known for this kind of rejection, I find it especially interesting why Jonah rejects this call. The call to preach to Nineveh (capital of […]