Great Joy For All People

So much has been introduced into the message of the gospel over the centuries that even the most spiritually mature struggle deeply with dissatisfaction, discontentment, fears of disappointing God, frustration and hopelessness. Salvation has come to be seen much like the business model of a narcotics dealer. You can get it initially for free but to keep it will cost you greatly. As a result, the years following the conversion experience for some look like an addict desperately trying to get enough to buy or earn another fix or another high. When the buzz wears off, the withdrawals symptoms of fear, anger, depression and anxiety appear and take hold.

To Hell or Not To Hell?

There has been much discussion about the orthodoxy of Hell—that is of the doctrine of Hell—in recent weeks. From accusations that to not believe in Hell means that you are going to it and taking others with you. To the idea that Hell is a metaphor, the burning waste dump that symbolizes the human condition …