Set Collector is an addon for World of Warcraft that allows the player to view various gear/transmogrification sets on their character and track the progress of their appearance collection.

This project was started as a learning project for me to improve my development skills. It required learning a new language for me, LUA, and work in a context very different than what I had been exposed to at work. Over the course of the project, Blizzard Entertainment made significant enhancements to the transmogrification options in-game and the addon was adjusted and matured to support it.

Real-life demands pulled me away from the project at about the same time that Blizzard released their own transmogrification interface (v.7) which bears some similarities to the one I had created. I suspected that their interface would replace the need for my addon and so it went without development for a couple years.

However, in 2019, I discovered there was still interest in seeing updates to the addon despite the similarities to the native UI. I have since released an update to make it compatible with the current game version (v.8) and am exploring what it will take to update the sets available to reflect additions in v.7 and v.8.

This addon is not compatible with World of Warcraft Classic because transmogrification was not introduced until v.4.3.

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