ScriptLinkStandard is no longer maintained by Rebekah Children’s Services, however I continue to maintain a similar open source project, AvatarScriptLink.NET.

ScriptLinkStandard is an open source .NET Standard Class Library that helps developers write clean and testable code when creating ScriptLink solutions for Netsmart myAvatar.

ScriptLink enables organizations to extend their myAvatar implementation with complex form calculation, advanced data validation, and a number of automation and interoperability options. ScriptLinkStandard is currently available on NuGet as a pre-release package for easy inclusion into a .NET project.

Some of the goals of this project include:

  • Reduce the amount of repeated code to perform common tasks, such as getting or setting a FieldObject value.
  • Simplify the management of OptionObjects improving code readability, reducing errors, and improving time-to-release.
  • Enable and encourage use of unit testing in solution designs.
  • Improve and enable smooth transitions from one version of the OptionObject to the next.
  • Help new developers and organizations get value from ScriptLink sooner.

This project was developed as part of my role at Rebekah Children’s Services and in cooperation with other organizations in the Avatar National Users Association. Special thanks go out to Luis Quicano who helped contribute much of the original functionality to the library.

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