Sacrificing the Common Ground

During the recent elections, the topic of abortion came up, but not framed in the typical pro-life vs. pro-choice categories. This time it was framed as the condoning or condemning of rape. One politian's remarks about whether he supports abortion in the context of rape became framed as the condoning of rape and using his spirituality to do so. From the sound bite I heard, this seems incredibly unfair. He seemed to be commenting that God willed the life of the child, not the rape. It is unfortunate how the way we frame an argument can actually create more conflict and reduce the chances for agreement, especially in this case, when the fundamental question is "When does life begin?"

Tithing Is Not Giving

This bold statement was made last Sunday, "Tithing is not giving!" This idea flies in the face of how many perceive tithing. After all, don't those who make enough money in America list their "tithe" as a charitable contribution to reduce their tax burden? We cheer when it's time to give our tithe in the service because God loves a cheerful giver. Despite the impulse to consider tithing giving, I would have to agree. Tithing is not giving.