The Emerging Church First Encounters

In a recent visit to an emerging church, the observation was made around me of the limited ethnic diversity within the sanctuary. I had not noticed this for the diversity of socio-economics, but the population appeared to be predominantly white, whether they were wearing gold or hemp jewelry. I know “Post-modernism” is not necessarily attributed to a specific ethnic population, but could the Protestant response to “Post-modernism” (usually referred to as the Emerging Church) be specific to an ethnic population? Or perhaps it was that congregation’s application only?

In reflecting on the diversity trainings hosted at my job, I recall that few white Americans still has a sense of ethnic heritage let alone a personal identity impacted by that knowledge. What if this movement of Protestants toward an Emerging Church which incorporates elements of historical Christianity is part of a personal (or corporate) need for a heritage? To be a part of a legacy rather than to bear the weight of starting a new one.

Perhaps it is in rediscovering ones identity within a spiritual and ethnic heritage as well as in relationship to Christ and His Church that some of this revival of faith is generated.