Introducing Small Group Devotionals

Think of a small group devotional as a cross between your personal devotional and a small group Bible study. You’ve got the Scripture reading and devotional thought of a personal devotional, but you read, reflect, and pray with others. You’ve got the familiar format of a Bible study without the video lesson or the blanks to fill in.

It’s a bit of an uncanny valley at first especially to those familiar with the traditional Bible study format, but I promise you it is worth it. It’s not that learning doesn’t occur. It just happens differently. It emphasizes introspection, connection, and wonder. The open-ended questions written to encourage dialogue over recitation of prescribed answers.

I’m just getting started. I hope you enjoy!

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Life Verses

A Small Group Devotional on Life and Living

It is not uncommon for those who read the Bible to claim a sentence or two as their “life verse”–one that gives their life purpose, direction, or meaning. Yet, the Bible has much more to say about life than just the sentences that we post on our walls and our social media. It invites us to a perspective that exceeds the boundaries set by our ego and interests.

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The Most Excellent Way

A Small Group Devotional

Jesus stated that His followers would be known by their love for each other, yet if we were honest that is not the reputation we typically earn. We gossip and ridicule. We become angry and resentful. We can be demanding and defiant. Our ambitions and fears get the better of us turning our churches, communities, and social media feeds into battlefields. We are known for our conflicts.

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